How to find your blogger widget Id easily

TO find a blogger widget follow the below steps:

Go to layout click on you widget edit at the top check last in the URL to find label id


How to download YouTube video’s online within 2 Minutes

      Downloading your favorite video’s in YouTube is not an hard job.its so easy now,you can download just right away doing copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video.

Some websites allows you to select option like how you need to save the video like MP4,AVI,Mp3 etc.

Some other allow you to save video’s only in Mp3 format. however as your wish you can select your website for an option.

Here i am listing a list of website’s thats allow you to download you you tube videos to save in your desktop.

  1.  this website works fast to download gives an option to choose the format,like MP4,AVI,Mp3,3GP,AAC,WMA,OGG,MPG,WMV,FLV Etc.
  2.  this is also a good and fast download website where you can download only in video format not MP3 format they gave a other site to download MP3 Video called as.
  3. which is bit slow to gather a video information compare to other sites.
  4. saves video’s in video format.
  6. converts video into MP3 format.
  7.  converts video into MP3 format.

Best E-learning kids rhymes website for preschool toddlers by E-flash Apps

As my experience of teaching my pre-school son, e-flash apps is one of the most popular and kids lovable app. the video’s from e-flash apps are so good to learn for small kids. my son loves this videos forever. now he stated to pronouns as far as like voice in the video.

e-flash apps specially created  for learning made easy. all the videos from e-flash apps comes with lyrics sub-titles is the good benefit for parents to teach even better.

E-flash apps Co-founded by Meeta shah . here i am again going to try women’s are born with innovative mind, so i hope all the women’s will get success if they use their smartness in right way.

So now lets start to talk about e-flash apps by Q&A:

  • E-flash apps available in how many language? 
            e-flash apps available in 11 language all are free.(English, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, French, Hindi, German, Arabic, Russian, Japanese & Italian!).

  • Where we can get e-flash apps ?
       We can get e-flash apps in iTunes app store,Google Play,and amazon appstores.

as my view this is the best app for english learning in e-flash apps check here.

  • Where i can see and download e-flash apps videos?
        e-flash apps videos available in their own website to see click here. and you can see this videos in you tube channel also here i just embed few of their videos for you.

One of my son’s favorite Rhymes Baa Baa Black Sheep.

I believe sure you will go through this apps and start teaching your kid. put a comment below.

How to create Drop-Down Label Widget For blogger/Blog spot

Blogger offers us to show our post tags as labels in our blog page as a label widget. they gave us a two option 1. cloud 2. list which shows full of your blog labels. in this option you page space will be accumulate more for one widget. to avoid this we can use drop-down widget which looks pretty too.

Now let me start to teach you how to change your normal blogger label widget into drop-down widget.

Before start editing your blogger template make backup and keep it save.

Go to Dashboard > Design > edit HTML.
Make sure you DO NOT tick the Expand Widget Templates check box.
Find the following lines in your html code.

if you are not able to find this Go to layout click on edit label widget and find the widget id.

Than replace the line with this code:

<select style='width:100%‘ onchange=’location=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;’> Click To Choose a Category ()

Important note to follow :

  1. If you want change the width of the drop down menu then change this value width:100% to any percentage, or pixel (px).
  2. To change the phrase “Click To Choose a Category” then find this line Click To Choose a Category  and replace it with your preferred phrase.
  3. If you do not want to show post count at the end of each label then delete this line ()
Put a comment if any query and suggestion.

How to apply and get Pan Card Online in 5 Minutes

Hello friends, getting a Pan Card (PERMANENT ACCOUNT NUMBER) is not at all difficult.
just you need to have require documents 5 Min time to update in online and 110 Rs/-. just follow the simple steps which i am giving below and get your pan card easily.

Here i am going to explain how to get a new Pan Card via E-filling (form 49a). in the below website. here you will not only get an new pan card, also you can apply for reprint of Pan Card, new Pan for foreign citizens via (form 49aa) etc.

First let me explain how to fill form 49a.

  1. Go to this webpage
  2. Click on new pan for indian citizens(form 49a).
  3. A new tab will be open than click on online application of New Pan Card(Form 49a).
  4. Read the guidelines carefully than select a category of applicant (individual).
  5. The new screen will be open here first you need to know what is AO details? if you are not aware about your area AO details just  click here .
  6. Find your city on downside of the page which provided alphabet wise and get the AO details.
  7. After update you AO details start filling the form as required.
  8. Finally select the payment option as mentioned which will be convenient for you,make a payment and get a acknowledgement copy for attach your photo and documents.
  9. Send the documents as specified address that given in instructions sheet.
  10. you will get your PAN Card with in 30 days without any Pan card agent or any others help.
I am sure that this will help you understand how to get Pan Card online & also check the below images for clear understanding.


Create free animated GIF image by using slide share presentation in gifdeck

What is GifDeck and how it works?

GifDeck uses  to convert a presentation into a playable GIF. It makes use of HTML5 Canvas, Blob and Web Workers. Everything happens on the client side. Individual slides of a presentation are fetched using Slide Share oEmbed API. For bypassing the cross browser restrictions, it uses an iFrame based post Message proxy. 

Let me finish the definition part and go into the practical part !!!.  

Gif Deck is a new webpage called as, this webpage helps us to create animated GIF image using slide share presentations which is available only in public view. this is a important thing you need to know before you try to convert your slides. GifDeck will not support your private slides where you saved in your profiles.

The only option you need to do is, edit  your slide settings from private to public till you covert that into Gif image.later you can change again into private. this is a very simple step you need to do. just open your slide and copy the URL of that slide and paste it into submit box thats all your image is ready.

You can use this image’s at your webpage,mails,slides,etc.check the below GIF image which i created using my next article i will show how to create slideshare using PowerPoint.