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How to create GIF images from youtube videos

Now you can create Gif image from YouTube videos by using Giftube. this is a cool idea from this website where you can get the gif images from this website.

All over social media’s now  Animated (Gif ) images are very popular. its get eye catcher from viewers. people now like to see more interesting Gif images than normal images.if you also want to create these kind of image go to youtube and play your favorite video, at the top of url go and instand of YouTube make it as Giftube. thats all.

Your video will go automatically to GifTube website.its a simple thing what they apply to take the videos to their will see how to create the Gif image.

  1. Go to YouTube and play your video.
  2. Go to URL and edit YouTube to GifTube.
  3. Click for start your Gif select your gif length as you require.
  4. Right click on image and save it to your device.
I got this info from Amit (Howtouncle) post. thank you amit. don’t forget to put a comment below.


How to download YouTube video’s online within 2 Minutes

      Downloading your favorite video’s in YouTube is not an hard job.its so easy now,you can download just right away doing copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video.

Some websites allows you to select option like how you need to save the video like MP4,AVI,Mp3 etc.

Some other allow you to save video’s only in Mp3 format. however as your wish you can select your website for an option.

Here i am listing a list of website’s thats allow you to download you you tube videos to save in your desktop.

  1.  this website works fast to download gives an option to choose the format,like MP4,AVI,Mp3,3GP,AAC,WMA,OGG,MPG,WMV,FLV Etc.
  2.  this is also a good and fast download website where you can download only in video format not MP3 format they gave a other site to download MP3 Video called as.
  3. which is bit slow to gather a video information compare to other sites.
  4. saves video’s in video format.
  6. converts video into MP3 format.
  7.  converts video into MP3 format.