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How to find related #hashtags for your post


       #Hash tags are very important in Google+ to find related content or topic of your blog post. that helps you to find the sounds about your topic around Google + and also its helps  readers to find your posts via #hashtags. so its a kind of backlink & traffic source too.

Whenever you post your blog post in Google+ don’t forget to update #hashtag of your post. for example if you post a article related to technology put a #hashtag while sharing in Google+like #technology,#tech,#Techtips, etc.

So that it will help the readers easily to find your blog post by clicking the #hashtag. and also you can find what your co-blogger’s think about your label (here you will get to know how to should write contents that matches with #hashtags.

Here i am going to explain how you can find related #hashtags & posts via clicking #hashtag in Google+

  1. Go to your Google+ profile and put a hashtag for your shared post if you are not updated #hashtag for your post.
  2. Click on the #hashtag to see related posts sound in Google+
  3. Flip through for related posts.
  4. At last you will see the related hashtags.
  5. Click the list of #hashtag to find new posts of the realted tags.
  6. Note down this #hashtag for update in your shares in Google+ to get more views in Google+