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Desktop Screen capture software for windows (LICECAP)

Licecap is a free amazing desktop screen recording software. with this you can capture active window screen. This will give you a animated GIF image record of your active window.

You can record a Gif image of your desktop by using this Licecap.

To download this go to this link.

let me tell about how to use Licecap.

Click on Licecap.exe and click on record. give a name to your file and start record. click on stop when you finish.


How to create GIF images from youtube videos

Now you can create Gif image from YouTube videos by using Giftube. this is a cool idea from this website where you can get the gif images from this website.

All over social media’s now  Animated (Gif ) images are very popular. its get eye catcher from viewers. people now like to see more interesting Gif images than normal images.if you also want to create these kind of image go to youtube and play your favorite video, at the top of url go and instand of YouTube make it as Giftube. thats all.

Your video will go automatically to GifTube website.its a simple thing what they apply to take the videos to their will see how to create the Gif image.

  1. Go to YouTube and play your video.
  2. Go to URL and edit YouTube to GifTube.
  3. Click for start your Gif select your gif length as you require.
  4. Right click on image and save it to your device.
I got this info from Amit (Howtouncle) post. thank you amit. don’t forget to put a comment below.

Create free animated GIF image by using slide share presentation in gifdeck

What is GifDeck and how it works?

GifDeck uses  to convert a presentation into a playable GIF. It makes use of HTML5 Canvas, Blob and Web Workers. Everything happens on the client side. Individual slides of a presentation are fetched using Slide Share oEmbed API. For bypassing the cross browser restrictions, it uses an iFrame based post Message proxy. 

Let me finish the definition part and go into the practical part !!!.  

Gif Deck is a new webpage called as, this webpage helps us to create animated GIF image using slide share presentations which is available only in public view. this is a important thing you need to know before you try to convert your slides. GifDeck will not support your private slides where you saved in your profiles.

The only option you need to do is, edit  your slide settings from private to public till you covert that into Gif image.later you can change again into private. this is a very simple step you need to do. just open your slide and copy the URL of that slide and paste it into submit box thats all your image is ready.

You can use this image’s at your webpage,mails,slides,etc.check the below GIF image which i created using my next article i will show how to create slideshare using PowerPoint.