How to find a keyword for your website in Adwords keyword planner

    As a technology blogger i know the value of Keyword in blog. keyword is like a magic tool to get traffic to your many keyword you put in your post you will get good traffic and unique visitors from direct search engine platform.there are lot of keyword planner available in online with is offering free of cost as well as paid basis.

The best way to find your keyword is Google Adwords (keyword planner). before get into this you must have an account in Adwords if not go here and signup as a new user.Click here.

If you not able to understand  how to login go and find here.

Benefits of using Keyword Planner :

You can use keyword planner to use keyword research where you will get a list of keywords that gives you a idea of keywords,campaign,landing page,different categories etc.

Also you will get historical statistics and traffic estimates via filtering like search volumes,number of time  clicks,competition etc. now will get in to the Adwords keyword planner how to search.

  1. Go to Ad-words and sign-in.
  2.  In the top menu selection go to tools and select keyword tools.
  3. Click on search for new keyword and adgroup ideas.
  4. Type word that related to your post i enter free downloads.
  5. There you can change the options like country targeting,date range etc, click on get ideas.
  6. Here you will see the ad-group ideas and keyword ideas.

Check the below images for your better understand.



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