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Desktop Screen capture software for windows (LICECAP)

Licecap is a free amazing desktop screen recording software. with this you can capture active window screen. This will give you a animated GIF image record of your active window.

You can record a Gif image of your desktop by using this Licecap.

To download this go to this link.

let me tell about how to use Licecap.

Click on Licecap.exe and click on record. give a name to your file and start record. click on stop when you finish.


How to create GIF images from youtube videos

Now you can create Gif image from YouTube videos by using Giftube. this is a cool idea from this website where you can get the gif images from this website.

All over social media’s now  Animated (Gif ) images are very popular. its get eye catcher from viewers. people now like to see more interesting Gif images than normal images.if you also want to create these kind of image go to youtube and play your favorite video, at the top of url go and instand of YouTube make it as Giftube. thats all.

Your video will go automatically to GifTube website.its a simple thing what they apply to take the videos to their will see how to create the Gif image.

  1. Go to YouTube and play your video.
  2. Go to URL and edit YouTube to GifTube.
  3. Click for start your Gif select your gif length as you require.
  4. Right click on image and save it to your device.
I got this info from Amit (Howtouncle) post. thank you amit. don’t forget to put a comment below.

How to find related #hashtags for your post


       #Hash tags are very important in Google+ to find related content or topic of your blog post. that helps you to find the sounds about your topic around Google + and also its helps  readers to find your posts via #hashtags. so its a kind of backlink & traffic source too.

Whenever you post your blog post in Google+ don’t forget to update #hashtag of your post. for example if you post a article related to technology put a #hashtag while sharing in Google+like #technology,#tech,#Techtips, etc.

So that it will help the readers easily to find your blog post by clicking the #hashtag. and also you can find what your co-blogger’s think about your label (here you will get to know how to should write contents that matches with #hashtags.

Here i am going to explain how you can find related #hashtags & posts via clicking #hashtag in Google+

  1. Go to your Google+ profile and put a hashtag for your shared post if you are not updated #hashtag for your post.
  2. Click on the #hashtag to see related posts sound in Google+
  3. Flip through for related posts.
  4. At last you will see the related hashtags.
  5. Click the list of #hashtag to find new posts of the realted tags.
  6. Note down this #hashtag for update in your shares in Google+ to get more views in Google+

How to install Comment luv in Blogger/comment luv plugin

what is comment luv ?

    The idea behind CommentLuv is to reward your blog readers and blog commenters by linking to their latest blog post. This is beneficial to the commenter because other visitors are more likely to click on the commenters latest post, and there is also the SEO benefit as well.

IntenseDebate is a feature-rich comment system for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and many other blogging/CMS platforms. Supercharge Your Community.

Here i am going to explain how to install commentluv in blogger blog via IntensesenseDebate.

  1. Go to intensedebate if you are not an user go and sign-up.

  2. After Login go to sites and click on +addblog/site.

  3. Update you blog or website URL in the box and click next step.

  4. Click you platform i.e blogger.

  5. A screen will open like below before that go to your page and backup your template.and upload under choose file.

  6. Copy the code in the box like below image.

  7. Go to your blogger click on edit HTML.

  8. Press Ctrl+A for select hole code and Ctrl +V for paste.

  9. This is how comment luv will look in your template after saved your template.

I hope this will sure help you to understand and how to install the plugin in your blogger . comment below for quaries.

How to find a keyword for your website in Adwords keyword planner

    As a technology blogger i know the value of Keyword in blog. keyword is like a magic tool to get traffic to your many keyword you put in your post you will get good traffic and unique visitors from direct search engine platform.there are lot of keyword planner available in online with is offering free of cost as well as paid basis.

The best way to find your keyword is Google Adwords (keyword planner). before get into this you must have an account in Adwords if not go here and signup as a new user.Click here.

If you not able to understand  how to login go and find here.

Benefits of using Keyword Planner :

You can use keyword planner to use keyword research where you will get a list of keywords that gives you a idea of keywords,campaign,landing page,different categories etc.

Also you will get historical statistics and traffic estimates via filtering like search volumes,number of time  clicks,competition etc. now will get in to the Adwords keyword planner how to search.

  1. Go to Ad-words and sign-in.
  2.  In the top menu selection go to tools and select keyword tools.
  3. Click on search for new keyword and adgroup ideas.
  4. Type word that related to your post i enter free downloads.
  5. There you can change the options like country targeting,date range etc, click on get ideas.
  6. Here you will see the ad-group ideas and keyword ideas.

Check the below images for your better understand.


How to find your blogger widget Id easily

TO find a blogger widget follow the below steps:

Go to layout click on you widget edit at the top check last in the URL to find label id

How to download YouTube video’s online within 2 Minutes

      Downloading your favorite video’s in YouTube is not an hard job.its so easy now,you can download just right away doing copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video.

Some websites allows you to select option like how you need to save the video like MP4,AVI,Mp3 etc.

Some other allow you to save video’s only in Mp3 format. however as your wish you can select your website for an option.

Here i am listing a list of website’s thats allow you to download you you tube videos to save in your desktop.

  1.  this website works fast to download gives an option to choose the format,like MP4,AVI,Mp3,3GP,AAC,WMA,OGG,MPG,WMV,FLV Etc.
  2.  this is also a good and fast download website where you can download only in video format not MP3 format they gave a other site to download MP3 Video called as.
  3. which is bit slow to gather a video information compare to other sites.
  4. saves video’s in video format.
  6. converts video into MP3 format.
  7.  converts video into MP3 format.